DAY OFF: About how great it is to be single, shopping, boredom, KFC, Penguin's books

Today was my day off.
This means that I woke up at any time I wanted, which became a luxury for the past 2 and half years, since I got a job. Besides, the Romanian students are on vacation, so there are no classes for this week. I decided to spend my day spoiling myself. I could’ve bought food, or cooked, or both but no… Not today. Today was the day I wanted to enjoy my paycheck a little, since I managed to do some economy.
As I said, I woke up when the Sun was on its highest point on the sky (that is the noon).I surveyed the internet for an hour, dressed up and went to Afi Palace Cotroceni (that’s in Bucharest, Romania) and went out.
My first stop was at Deichmann, where I found some cutie spring boots. It was love at first sight. Then I went to New Yorker, where I found an awesome cardigan and then to Takko Fashion, where I found out that the pair of jeans I wanted to buy was cheaper than the price tag.. That was great. I made a Polyvore collage so that you make an idea on what I got.

The best thing for today was at Cărtureşti, where I found out that they were selling Penguins books and bookish bags and mugs. I wanted to buy more than two books, but I have already spent too much for the day.
I found out these monsters. The saleswoman was kind enough and let me take the bookmark. 

From what I knew his only remained works were „the Illiad”, „the Odissey” and „the War bettween Frogs and Mice”. So, you can imagine that I had the shock of my life, when I found out the book.It is actually a fragment from the „Odissey”.
I closed the shopping day with a smartbox menu from KFC. I had no mood for shopping anymore, or to cook. As I said, this was my spoil day. I wanted it to end in laziness. So, that’s why I chose the fast food way.
I realized what I’ve known for years. I don’t need another person to keep me safe or to buy me the things I need or want. I realized that I am a strong, independent young lady, that has more than what most people on Earth don’t have: a job, a college degree, no debts, no bank loans, a roof above my head and money for food and clothes. On july 2016 it’ll be 3 years since I am on my own in Bucharest and that I have achieved more than most people my age can only dream off. I managed to go through college while working, to go to libraries and coffee shops whenever I wanted. Doing college and working in the same time didn’t stop me. Going through what are probably the most busy years of my life didn’t stop me and I am still writing. I belive there’s nothing that could stop me now.
This is the feeling I have for today.  And that happened after I took a mini-shopping session. :D 

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