I remember...

I remember:
1. That time my friend called me ‪#‎Sammy‬ because I was smart and careful;
2. That time we cursed ‪#‎Castiel‬ for considering himself God;
3. When I chose to make a college project based on angels in‪#‎Apocryphal‬ Texts because of Cass;
4. When I made a college presentation about the Apocalypse as seen in‪#‎Supernatural‬, season 5, last episode;
5. When I watched a Supernatural marathon during the Exam Session instead of studying;
6. When I drawed ‪#‎pentagrams‬ and ‪#‎angels‬ wings on the things I owed;
7. When the Supernatural teachings applied to the teachings in ‪#‎college‬ ;
8. When I made my final term paper about the Image of the Angels in the Apocryphal Texts (because f**k it, that's why!).
This is not only a ‪#‎TVSeries‬. This is my family and my study material.
Oh, and that time all the guys had to have Sam and Dean's features (that still applies).‪#‎AlwaysKeepFighting


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