MOVIE: Macbeth

I love Fassbender. I love also his movies, Macbeth included. It is pretty convenient since I love Shakespeare.

The first contact I had with the movies Michael Fassbender played in was when I first watched the movie “300”. I didn’t know him at the time, but sure did he have my attention when he cut that dude’s hand off.

Then I saw him again in the magnificent movie “Centurion” and “Twelve years a slave” and I loved him for the character I hated so much. And now this.  I see him in a movie that starts with his child’s funeral, a battle and a strange sighting of three women that tell him his fortune. What could go wrong?


Everything is calm. Through the screen I felt that cold entered my bones and sickened them. The things seemed to settle down in the Scotland’s misty hills, until the moment one of the sightings of the fortune tellers fulfills: he becomes thane of Cawdor.  

And then his “little light bulb lights up” (he has an idea – too many “L”) and his wife supports him profoundly in the act: to get rid of the King so that he could be King in his place.

The deed is done fast, as he plots with Lady Macbeth to kill the king and blame it on the drunk guards that slept all the time.  As the morning comes, he is gotten laid by guilt as he sees his hands filled by his guest’s blood.

He becomes the king of Scotland, because Prince Malcolm flees.  He starts being paranoid, killing his best friend and his son, who had received the same message as he did.

He is guiltier than before and more paranoid. He is crazier and doesn’t trust anybody. He seeks answers again to the three spirits he saw before. They tell him he will rule everything and tell him to fear McDuff. As a consequence, he hunts his family down and burns them all at the stake. The images are cruel. Lady Macbeth is sorry and begs for forgiveness in the chapel in the presence of her dead child.

I will not write more about the movie as I wrote too much.

One more thing: The image of Fassbender through smoke and fire is breathtaking.  I loved it. And also how it ended...

About this movie I cannot say but “Wow!” The fog, the darkness (symbols of the sickness, mystery, the hidden things, and the supernatural) and the color red (symbol of the blood, life and death, fury, war) are preponderant. The whole crew did a wonderful job. You can Google them.

To describe it in three words: We loved it.

I and Danny (not Daeneris, but Daniela, but way cooler) gave this movie a 9. She gave it a 9 because there was too much cruelty. I gave it a 9 because there was not enough.

Something’s broke somewhere…

I will recommend it. 

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