BOOK : Elizabeth Kostova's "The Historian" (currently reading)

I am reading this for a while. I didn't finish it because I like reading it while traveling with subway. It's my new thing, apparently. I found it very boring in the first chapters and I am still considering the girl's chapters being boring. The father's are very explicit and full of action. I like those. I wish I would write like that when I grow up.

This is the second vampire book I read in my lifetime (after Anne Rice's "Interview with a vampire"). I confess I would've never bought it if I knew it spins around the vampire topic, but it was a gift for me from RAO Publishing House, while I attended Bookfest 2014 in Bucharest, Romania. I avoid the vampire books because they are inventions of Bram Stoker, based on Vlad Ţepeş, one of our greatest lords of all times (it's in the book all that stuff about Prince Vlad. You can Google him too, or a book). 

What I like at Elizabeth Kostova's book is that she actually dug up the history, and revealed the truth about Vlad to her readers. I felt proud when I read it and I liked that she didn't skip that part, as many other authors did. 

I am on page 185 and the action is getting even more intense. I hope I will finish it soon! I like it so far!

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