PLAY: Broadway's "Romeo and Juliet" - Orlando Bloom is the best Romeo ever

I've just watched the “Romeo and Juliet” play that I found on Youtube and my tears still didn’t dry yet. It was played last year on Broadway and I don't understand why it has a small score on the gigantic IMDB (5,3 out of 10). I surely deserves 20 and not less.

I've read the Shakespearean play when I was in the second grade and reread it in the ninth. I watched the movie in which acts Leonardo diCaprio as Romeo and I love Leo. I've even seen cartoons with “Romeo and Juliet”, but I've never really felt the pain that layed in the characters’ hearts.

I've never been so overwhelmed at a play (except that one time when I've seen the actress Maia Morgenstern playing in “Jacta” at the National Jewish Theatre in Bucharest) and my tears are still rolling down my cheecks.

I've never ever seen a more natural interpretation of Romeo than the one that’s been done by Orlando Bloom. His fear, his anger, his passion for Juliet, he expressed them all so naturally that I felt them myself. I felt his pain so deeply when he was informed that he was banned from Verona for having killed Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, in the day of their wedding. I felt his pain when he had to leave Juliet in the morning, but his heart wouldn't let him. I felt his pain when he wept over Juliet’s body in the darkness.
I felt his emotions so deeply that I found myself several times hiding with my fists a wall in my humble student room.

This is one more reason, a reminder that I love Orly so much.
This is a reminder that I must take acting lessons this summer too.

I don't believe there are words that could possibly describe how beautiful this play is. And Orlando made it to be the best. I shall be silent then and let the actors play their parts. 

Sorry for my bad English!

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